Changing a booking (for hosts)

What to do if a guest wants to change their booking dates or group size

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If a guest needs to change their booking dates and/or number of people, the guest should submit a request to change their booking.

When a guest submits a change request, we'll notify you by email and SMS (if you have SMS notifications enabled). Follow the link to review the new booking details, then accept or decline the change request. 

The booking will only be updated if you accept the request. If there's a price difference, the customer will be charged/refunded and your payout will be adjusted accordingly. 

It's also possible for you, as the host, to submit a change request, which will be sent to the guest to accept or decline.

To submit a change request:

  1. Go to My Listings and select Bookings

  2. Find the booking you want to change, and select Change

  3. Enter new dates and/or number of people

  4. Review the pricing for the new booking (you can add a special offer price if required)

  5. Submit the change request

If the guest accepts the change request, the booking details will be changed. If the guest declines the change request, the original booking details will remain in place

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