If you need to change your booking dates or number of people, you can send a request to the host to change your booking.

  • Go to My Adventures > Bookings
  • Select Manage Booking for the booking you want to change
  • Select Change Booking
  • Enter new booking dates and/or change the number of people
  • If there's a price difference, you see this in the Adjustment section
  • Submit the request

The host will need to accept the request for your booking changes to take effect.

If the host declines your change request, your booking will not be changed.

If your change request is accepted, any additional payments or refunds will be processed and your booking details will be updated.

Please Note: You can only change a booking to dates that are within the next 90 days. If you need to change your booking to a new date that is more than 90 days from today, get in touch with us.

Also note that you can only change an accepted booking. If your booking is still pending, please cancel your pending booking request and submit a new booking.

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