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Updating your listing's availability using your calendar
Updating your listing's availability using your calendar
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It's important to keep an updated availability calendar so we can provide an awesome experience for people who book via Riparide. Keeping an updated calendar will also improve your listing's search ranking.

To mark a date as unavailable in your calendar:

  1. Select Calendar for the listing you want to update

  2. Select a date range on the calendar (select the first date then the last date of the range)

  3. Toggle to switch to off (switch turns grey)

  4. The dates will turn grey on the calendar

  5. Optional - add a note to remind yourself why you've blocked the dates (you'll see the notes field on the right-hand side once you block the dates)

To mark a date as available, repeat steps 3 & 4, and toggle the switch to on (switch turns green).

You can also use your Calendar to add custom pricing and minimum booking requirements.

If you use other booking providers like Airbnb, or HomeAway, you can sync your calendars to keep your availability up-to-date. 

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