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Base pricing, custom pricing, additional charges and discounts

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There are lots of settings you can use to set your rates, including:

  • Base price

  • Weekend price

  • Custom pricing

  • Additional charges

  • Discounts

Base & Weekend Prices

The base price is your standard or default nightly price. 

The weekend price applies to bookings that start on a Friday or Saturday (you can also choose to include Sunday). If you set a weekend price, the base price becomes your weekday price. The weekend price is optional. If you don't have a different price for weekends, leave this blank.

Custom pricing

Custom pricing is set using your listing's Calendar. To set a custom price, highlight the dates and then use the CUSTOM PRICING field to set the price.

To remove a custom price, highlight the dates on your calendar and then select REMOVE.

Note that custom pricing will override any other pricing settings, for example, if you have a weekend price and a custom price, the custom price will be the one that's used.

Watch this video for more help with setting custom pricing using your calendar.

Additional charges

In addition to the standard pricing options, there are also extra charges you can add to your listing. 

  • Cleaning fee

  • Extra adult/child fee

  • Security deposit (learn more)


If you want to give discounts for longer stays, you can add Long Stay Discounts. You'll find this in the Pricing section when you edit your listing.

When adding a long stay discount, you need to add the discount as a percentage and add the booking length (between 2 and 28 nights). You can add up to 5 Long Stay Discounts.

For example, you could have a 10% discount for bookings of 3 nights or longer, a 20% discount for bookings of 7 nights, and a 30% discount for bookings of 14 nights etc.

Service Fee Structure

When you're editing your listing's pricing, you'll also have the option to choose a service fee structure. There are two options for setting service fees:

  1. Include service fees in your price (host-only fee)

  2. Add customer service fees onto your price (split fee)

Including all service fees in your price can provide a better experience for guests and give you a consistent pricing structure if you list on other booking platforms that enforce this structure.

You can find more information about this setting and the total fees you'll pay for each option by navigating to My Listings > Edit Listing > Pricing.

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