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Calendar syncing

Import your external calendars from other bookings providers and export your Riparide calendar to keep your availabilities in sync

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Import external calendars

Calendar importing allows you to automatically keep your Riparide calendar up to date with external calendars in the iCalendar format. 

Some examples of applications that use the iCal format are Airbnb, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor Rentals, Agoda Homes and Google Calendar.

Please note, it's important to import each calendar you use to accept bookings.
Airbnb may block out dates for synced calendars, however, it does not include these blocked dates in its own exported calendar. 

For example, if your HomeAway calendar is synced with Airbnb, you will see HomeAway bookings blocked out in your Airbnb calendar. However, when you export your Airbnb calendar to Riparide, only dates that are blocked out directly in Airbnb will sync, not the dates from HomeAway. Both your Airbnb and HomeAway calendars would need to be synced with Riparide in this scenario.

  • Find and copy your calendar's iCal URL

  • Go to your Calendar

  • Select Calendar Settings in the top right corner and scroll to the Import Calendars section

  • Select the calendar type, paste your calendar URL and select ADD

  • Repeat this process for each calendar you want to import

We import your external calendars hourly. If you want to trigger a manual sync, you can do this by selecting the sync button to the right of your calendar link.

How do I find my calendar URL?

The following links will take you to the instructions on finding your calendar URL for some of the popular providers. Look for the "export calendar" instructions. If you use an application that isn't on this list, get in contact with the provider and ask if they support calendar exporting in the iCal format. 

If you need help with importing your calendars, contact us at [email protected] or via live chat.

Export your Riparide calendar to a third-party application

It's also important to sync your Riparide listing calendar with other platforms, to ensure dates are blocked once a booking is made on Riparide.

To find your Riparide export calendar link to sync back to Airbnb or another booking provider, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Calendar

  • Select Calendar Settings in the top right corner

  • Scroll down to the EXPORT CALENDAR field and select COPY

  • Go to the other application and follow their instructions to import your calendar

Viewing your third-party bookings

Once you're imported your external calendars, dates blocked by third-party applications will be indicated by an orange bar on your host calendar.

To view more details about the events shown on your calendar, highlight a date range and you'll see a breakdown to the right of the calendar (or below, on mobile).

For Airbnb, you can also see whether the dates have been blocked manually (marked as "Unavailable") or for a booking (marked as "Booking").

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