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SiteMinder / Little Hotelier integration
SiteMinder / Little Hotelier integration
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Note: The steps for syncing with Little Hotelier are the same as for SiteMinder.

Before you can add a Riparide as a channel on SiteMinder or Little Hotelier, you will will need to have a published listing on Riparide.

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Once your listing is created, go to your Calendar Settings and scroll down to Channel manager integration to enable the connection and obtain your hotel code.

You can then add Riparide in your SiteMinder The Channel Manager 'Channel Connection Wizard'. You'll need to input your Hotel Code as part of this process.

Once this is done, you can perform a room retrieval and proceed with mapping your room rates.

If you have any issues setting up the connection, do the following:

  1. Make sure your Riparide listing is published

  2. Double check your hotel code (copy and paste it, don't type it in)

  3. Double check you've enabled the channel manager sync setting for all of your listings in your calendar settings

  4. Double check you've selected either Siteminder or Little Hotelier from the dropdown

  5. Ensure all your listings are under the one Siteminder hotel account (if you have different Siteminder accounts per listing you'll also need seaprate Riparide accounts as there's only one hotel code per user)

If you still have issues after following these troubleshooting steps, contact SIteMinder's support team.

SiteMinder Support

Australia: 1300-736-198 (24 hours)

International: +61292214444

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