Listing criteria
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We're currently listing properties in the following countries and regions:


  • New South Wales

  • Victoria

New Zealand

  • North Island

  • South Island (coming soon)

United States

  • Washington State

  • Oregon (coming soon)

Accommodation criteria

We're looking for accommodation that helps urbanites escape the daily grind and find fulfillment in nature. The following criteria should help you assess whether your listing is a good fit for Riparide.

Your property is not in a city

We're looking for properties in regional, non-metro areas โ€“ not busy cities and major urban towns.

Your property has natural beauty and outdoor activities close by

This might include things like beaches, forests, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, hikes, snowsports, etc within a short drive or on the property.

Your property is quirky, unique or beautiful

Riparide travellers are looking for trendy and unique stays. It doesn't have to be magazine-worthy but it should have thoughtful styling.

Your property feels somewhat isolated

Whether it's physical isolation or a feeling of isolation, Riparide travellers want to feel like they're the only ones in the world.

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