Sending attachments with messages

How to attach a file to a message and send it to a guest

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If you want to send an image or document to a guest, you can attach the file to a message.

To send an attachment, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Riparide Inbox and select the relevant conversation.

  2. Select the attachment button at the bottom of the message field (paperclip icon).

  3. Browse your device to find the file (PDFs and image files only).

  4. Once the file has been attached, you'll see it at the bottom of your message. You can delete the attachment by selecting the 'x' button.

  5. SEND the message.

Please note, you can only send attachments for confirmed bookings.

You can also send an attachment when replying to messages via email. Just attach the file as you usually do when sending an email, and as long as it matches our file requirements, it'll be sent to your guest via Riapride.

The file requirements for attachments are:

  • PDF, JPG & PNG files only

  • Less than 10mb

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