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Natural disasters policy (for guests)
Natural disasters policy (for guests)

What to do if you're a guest with an upcoming booking in an area under threat of bushfires or other natural disasters

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If you have an upcoming Riparide booking, it is your responsibility to be aware of local conditions before you travel as well as during your stay.

If, due to a natural disaster, there is a government issued warning to not travel to the area where your accommodation is located (or an area you must travel through to reach your accommodation) your host will need to cancel the booking and issue a full refund. You will need to wait until 48 hours prior to check in to be issued a refund under the natural disaster policy, as weather conditions can change rapidly (unless your host approves an earlier cancellation).

If there is no government issued warning regarding travel to your accommodation but you are concerned about your safety, please contact your host via your Riparide inbox to express your concerns. If there is no government issued warning, refunds for cancellations will be at the hosts’ discretion.

If you can't reach your host, please contact us at [email protected].

For travel in Victoria, please refer to Emergency Victoria.

For travel in New South Wales, please refer to SES NSW.

For travel in New Zealand, please refer to the National Emergency Management Agency.

For travel in Washington, please refer to Emergency Management Division.

*This policy applies to all natural disasters that may impact peoples' safety.

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