Natural disasters policy (for hosts)

What to do when you're a host with upcoming bookings and your property is threatened by natural disasters

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If you are concerned for the safety of a guest as a result of potential bushfires, floods or other natural disasters, you are encouraged to communicate with the guest to let them know about the risks.ย 

If you feel the risks are too great, you should cancel the booking and let the guest know the reason for the cancellation.
By the same token, if a guest contacts you to express safety concerns about visiting an area under threat of or impacted by a natural disaster, we encourage you to prioritise their safety and offer to change or cancel their booking.
Any bookings cancelled as a result of natural disasters will not incur a host cancellation penalty. Once you've cancelled the booking selecting 'it's unsafe to host guests due to weather conditions', contact us at [email protected] and we will waive the standard $100 host cancellation penalty.

*This policy applies to all natural disasters that may impact peoples' safety.

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