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FAQs about Riparide Stories for hosts

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What is a Riparide Story?

Stories are visual itineraries turned into bookable experiences. Think of them like supercharged reviews with beautiful imagery.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll get extra exposure on our website and a higher search ranking, plus an additional pathway for people to book. You also have a better chance of being promoted on our social channels and in marketing! If you offer a complimentary stay you'll get a set of beautiful images, which are then used to promote your listing and the adventures nearby. Customers who book through the Story will get a complete itinerary for their adventure based on the experience our storyteller had.

How do you choose which listings to feature in Stories?

There’s a lot we consider when selecting listings to feature in stories. Seasonal travel trends in regions is one aspect, eg we might look to cover coastal regions coming into summer and high country regions for winter. We also take into consideration how a property would look in photos based on its styling and features.

How do you match Storytellers and listings?

Firstly we understand the travel desires of the storyteller and their group, then we look at dates and availability of listings, then we find the most appropriate listing match, ie a more adventurous group of explorers would be matched with a rustic cabin, whilst a group of city slickers might be matched with something with a little more lux and with an architecturally-designed style.

Do I get a copy of the photos?

If you've offered a complimentary or very heavily discounted stay, you’ll receive a minimum of 10 photos (web resolution) of your listing. The photos package will contain external, internal and key feature shots.

Can I use the images on my listing /website / Instagram / other marketing channels?

The photos we share with you can be used on your own website, Riparide listing and social media channels. They cannot be used across other booking platforms like Airbnb, or third party promotional websites like Broadsheet. If you’re posting the images on social media, you will have to credit Riparide & the storyteller by tagging both in the post caption – please see an example below:

What is a Story Offer?

A Story Offer is a deal you’ll offer in exchange for being featured in a Story. This could be a complimentary stay or a discounted price. Your offer is always for a two-night stay and you can select different offers for weekends and weekdays. Most of our hosts offer a complimentary stay in exchange for being featured in a Story.

How do I submit a Story Offer?

I've you've been invited to submit a Story Offer, you can complete this by going to My Listings > Edit Listing > Story Offer.

How long will it take to get a Storyteller booked in?

This depends on Storyteller availability and the Story Offer you’ve selected. Our Storytellers are in high demand, so a better offer will put you higher on the list. If you’ve offered a complimentary stay on a weekend, you’ll have the highest chance of being matched with a Storyteller quickly.

I’m fully booked most weekends. Can you book in the Storyteller during the week?

Most of our Storytellers are only available on weekends, so offering a weekend stay will increase your chances of being matched with the right storyteller. If you really have no weekend availability, have a chat with us and we’ll see if we can match you with someone who’s available during the week.

Can I just offer a one night stay?

Unfortunately not. One night doesn’t allow enough time to allow the storyteller to complete their assignment of shooting your listing and also spend time enjoying it, and explore the local area.

Can I hang out with the Storyteller?

Storytellers are Riparide’s paid personnel with an assignment to complete so although you should strive to treat them like normal guests we ask you to consider the time you take away from their creative process.

Can I offer unique experiences for the Storyteller to do?

Again, storytellers should be treated like normal guests so you should only offer things that are available to anyone who books with you. You’re more than welcome to give suggestions on things to do or ideas on how the storyteller could best enjoy and document your property.

How much control do I have over the story content?

Creative control of the final published Story belongs to the storyteller. This includes image selection and the narrative they write. They’ve got a brief from us they need to follow so please refrain from giving them any additional instructions. Don’t worry though, our goal is to make your listing looks as amazing as possible and we’d never publish anything that shows it in a negative way.

How long do I have to wait for the story be published?

We will publish the story within one month after the Storyteller has stayed and we'll send you an email notifying you along with a link to download the images if you have offered us a comp or discounted stay.

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