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How security deposits work (for guests)
How security deposits work (for guests)

Security deposits explained for travellers / guests

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Some listings have a security deposit to cover any damages made to the property. You can see this in the Pricing section on the listing.

You won't be charged for the security deposit when you make a booking. You'll only be charged if the host makes a claim on your security deposit after you check out.

Hosts can make a security deposit claim for any damages (beyond general wear and tear) caused by you or your group as a result of your booking. Claims are not limited to the amount of the security deposit, if sufficient proof can be provided.

If the host wishes to make a claim, this will be communicated to you via your Riparide inbox. This should include as much evidence as possible, such as before and after photos, and receipts to repair or replace the item or property. Please ensure you keep all communication on the Riparide platform.

If you agree to the claim, we'll charge you for the agreed amount using the payment method you used to make the booking.

If you dispute the claim, we'll mediate to come to a resolution, making sure you and the host are both represented fairly. If the claim is disputed, you will be given 48 hours to provide a response. If a response is not received within 48 hours and the Riparide team determine the charge is fair and reasonable, your original payment method may be charged.

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