Riparide service fees (for hosts)
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Riparide charges both hosts and customers a small service fee for each booking made through the platform.

This fee helps us pay the bills, provide human support, run the platform and build new features.

Depending on your location, the host service fee is between 2% and 3% of the booking total, plus tax. You can check the exact service fee for your listing by navigating to My Listings > Edit Listing > Payouts.

Service Fee Structure

There are two options for setting service fees:

  1. Include service fees in your price (host-only fee)

  2. Add customer service fees onto your price (split fee)

Including all service fees in your price can provide a better experience for guests and give you a consistent pricing structure if you list on other booking platforms that enforce this structure.

You can find more information about this setting and the total fees you'll pay for each option by navigating to My Listings > Edit Listing > Pricing.

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