About our Hotspot Postcode Check feature

The Victorian government identified 10 postcodes in the Melbourne metropolitan area as COVID-19 hotspots, and has reinstated Stage 3 stay-at-home orders for people living in these suburbs until the end of July.

To help keep our community safe, Riparide has just released a feature that will collect and verify guests' postcodes to ensure they are not travelling from one of these hotspots during the lockdown period.

All guests with an upcoming booking will be required to add postcodes to their guest list (along with names and phone numbers for contact tracing). If one or more guests in the group live in a hotspot and their booking is in July, they'll be prompted to change their booking dates or discuss cancellation options with you. You'll also be sent a courtesy email to notify you that their booking did not pass the Hotspot Postcode Check (HPC).

Checking the HPC status for your upcoming bookings

You can check the HPC status for all your upcoming bookings in your Host Bookings Dashboard.

If the guest has completed their guest list and they have passed the HPC, you'll see a green tick beside the guest list link.

If they have completed their guest list and did not pass the HPC, you'll see a red cross icon.

An orange question mark icon means they've added the previously required contact tracing information (names and phone numbers) but they are yet to add postcodes to their guest list.

And if you don't see the guest list link at all, it means they haven't completed it.

We'll be sending guests lots of reminders to ensure this information is provided for every booking, but if you notice an upcoming guest hasn't completed their guest list and HPC, feel free to send them a quick message to prompt.

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