What is a Riparide Story?

Stories are visual itineraries turned into bookable experiences. See some examples.

How do you select Storytellers?

We’re looking for Storytellers who embody the Riparide brand and can create killer outdoor adventure content. A social media following is a bonus (but not essential) and you definitely don’t need to look like an Instagram model.

How will I be compensated?

You’ll get a free Riparide adventure, which is typically 2 nights accommodation. Any additional compensation will be negotiated based on your experience and skill level.

Can I choose where I go?

We’ll definitely try to send you somewhere you want to go but this can be dependent on listing availability and seasonal requirements.

Can I bring my friends/family/dog on my adventures?

Hell yes! Riparide adventures are not just about activities and nature, they’re also about human connection and experiences (and yes, we consider dogs to be human too).

What are the promotional requirements?

Your adventure Story will be published on riparide.com as a bookable experience.  We expect you to help promote your Story social media. Share the love and help inspire people to get outdoors!

Is there a brief provided?

Yes, you will be provided with a brief for shooting and creating your Story, but the requirements are kept to a minimum. It’s important you enjoy creative freedom on your adventure.

How much time will I have to edit images and upload my Story?

We expect you to have your final Story uploaded within 2 weeks of your trip.

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