You can add a security deposit to your accommodation listing to cover minor damages.

  1. Go to My Listings and select Edit on your listing

  2. Go to the Pricing section

  3. Select the checkbox beside Security deposit

  4. Enter a value (up to $500)

  5. Save your listing

Remember if you set your security deposit too high, it may deter guests and reduce the number of bookings you receive.


How do security deposits work?

Guests won't be charged for the security deposit when they make a booking. They'll only be charged if you submit a claim on the security deposit for damages which can be proven have occurred during the guests stay.

What kind of damages can I claim?

You can only claim for genuine damages caused by the guest or their group exceeding what would be considered as normal wear and tear. For example, you could claim for a broken window but you couldn't claim for an appliance that stopped working with no signs of damage or misuse. Extra cleaning can not be claimed as part of the security deposit as cleaning is too subjective.

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim, send a message to the guest via your Riparide inbox with the details of the claim, including evidence of the damage (eg photographs) and receipts for repair/replacement costs.

If they agree to the claim, we'll charge them for the agreed amount. If the guest doesn't agree, we'll mediate to attempt to come to a resolution, making sure you and the guest are both represented fairly. 

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