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Redeeming a gift voucher
Redeeming a gift voucher
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If you’ve got a Riparide Gift Voucher, follow these step to redeem it. If you need any help, give us a shout via live chat or [email protected].

1. Find a Listing

Browse through our amazing listings and stories to find one you love. You can also search for a specific listing or story by title using the search field at the top left.

2. Make a Booking

Add your travel dates, number of people and make a booking request as per usual. You’ll be able to add your voucher at the next step.

3. Apply the Voucher

When you get to the payment page, you’ll see an option to add a gift voucher. Enter the voucher code and voila, the voucher is now applied to your booking.

4. Got multiple vouchers?

Once you've entered your voucher and hit "Apply", you will be able to add a second voucher code and hit "Apply" again.

Need some more info? Read our Gift Voucher FAQs.

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