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Storyteller usage agreement policy
Storyteller usage agreement policy
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Riparide Pty Ltd ABN 16 154 577 456 (Riparide, we, our or us) exists to inspire you to unplug from modern-day trappings and find fulfillment in nature. We work with our Hosts and creative community of Storytellers to bring local adventures to life through inspiring photos, words and videos. Where you create content for us as a Storyteller or a Host, as defined under our Terms and Conditions (Terms), you are required to follow this Content Usage Policy (Policy).

This Policy is incorporated into our Terms, and is intended to be read alongside them. Unless otherwise defined, capitalised terms in this Policy have the same meaning as in our Terms.

What content does this Policy cover?

There are two categories of content that this Policy covers:

  • Storyteller Content: if we’ve welcomed you into our storyteller community as a Storyteller, the content you create through your Stories, which may include posts, stories, images, videos, itineraries, discovered locations and reviews of experiences you have had with Riparide Hosts, will be covered by this Policy.

  • Host Content: if you supply or host accommodation, experiences or vehicles through Riparide, any content you create in connection with the Platform, including any written descriptions, images, videos, and itineraries you post to the Platform, will be covered by this Policy.

We refer to both of these categories collectively as User Content.

Who owns the User Content?

Any User Content made by you in connection with your role as a Storyteller or a Host will remain your property. However, as set out below, by working with us as a Host or Storyteller, you give us permission to use the User Content in some scenarios, and there are also some limitations on how you may use the User Content. When you create User Content, you must follow the content creation principles listed below.

When can we use the User Content?

In some circumstances, we would like to publish and share your User Content so that we can promote Riparide and the wonderful experiences offered on our Platform in media and promotional material. By creating User Content, you grant us permission to use, modify, and reproduce your User Content, at our discretion, through the following channels:

  • our website and story page;

  • our social media accounts;

  • our digital advertisements;

  • our public relations material;

  • our electronic digital marketing; and

  • any material published through digital media outlets and editorials, (collectively, the Riparide Channels), for promotional purposes.

You also grant us permission to use your User Content for internal business purposes, and so that we can provide our Platform. We will not use the User Content for any other reason.

[Where we use your User Content in promotional material, we will credit the content as yours. OR If you have any Moral Rights (as that term is defined in the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)) in the User Content, by creating the User Content, you consent to our use or infringement of those Moral Rights. This means that we are not required to attribute you as the creator.]

Restrictions on your use of User Content

As User Content is created to promote either your Listings, or experiences you have had through Riparide, it is important that the User Content is not used to compete with us in any way.

By creating User Content, you agree to limit your use and reproduction of User Content as follows:

  • Storyteller Content: if you are a Storyteller, you must limit your use and reproduction of Storyteller Content to your own personal website, portfolio and social media accounts. You are restricted from using Storyteller Content on any paid channels outside of the Riparide Channels and you must ensure that your Storyteller Content will not be hosted or published on any websites or social channels that belong to competitors of Riparide.

  • Host Content: if you are a Host, you must limit your use and reproduction of Host Content to your own social media accounts. If you reproduce Host Content on your personal social media pages, you are required to attribute Riparide’s Instagram handle, which is @riparide. You are restricted from using Host Content on any paid channels outside of the Riparide Channels. You must also ensure that the Host Content will not be hosted or published on any websites, publications or social channels that belong to competitors of Riparide, or any traditional media publications or paid advertising networks.

For more details, see the Content provisions in our Terms. Of course, if you have aren’t sure about whether you can use the User Content for a particular use case, please just ask us!

Content creation principles

Where you create User Content, and publish it on the Platform or any social media platform or you are associated with our brand in any capacity, it is important to us that you follow the principles below.

Disclosure: If we’ve paid you to post about Riparide or a particular experience you have had, you need to disclose it. Use #ad, #advert or #advertisement as a minimum on each post. Under law, you need to disclose any affiliation or relationship between us or the Host.

Respect: Be respectful of others. Don’t be defamatory, hurtful, offensive, discriminatory, obscene, derogatory, or sexually explicit. Don’t promote anything illegal or violent. Don’t bully or troll. Don’t disparage competitor products or services. Respect others’ privacy. Comply with the law and the terms of use and policies that apply to the social media platform you post on. If we have engaged you, your posts directly reflect on us. Where we are featured on your pages or channels, we ask you to keep your other content tasteful: all your conduct and your posts reflect on us.

Keep it real: Be accurate & realistic. Be authentic & truthful. Don’t be misleading. Make it clear if something is your opinion, and not a fact (eg - “this is the best I’ve used / in my opinion.”) If you’re talking about your experience with a Host or their property, say you enjoyed your stay; but don’t exaggerate.

Confidentiality: Don’t discuss our confidential information, or the confidential information of any Riparide community members that you interact with. Don’t comment on rumours.

Copying: Don’t suggest that you have originated or created something which was actually created by someone else. Your User Content should be your work, or belong to you. Credit where it’s due. Don’t use copyright material without a licence. Re-post under the rules of the relevant channel.

When in doubt, don’t post: Exercise good judgment & common sense – consider what could happen if it went viral for the wrong reasons. Check with us if you’re not sure.

Using Riparide Content

As part of our collaboration with you, we encourage you to interact with us on our Platform and through social media. Please feel free to share links to any of our content on your social media or use quotes from any of our content (up to 75 words or less). Where you do so, we ask that you attribute the content to us, and ensure you link to the original article, site or content you are referencing, and do not claim our content as your original idea.


We may change this Content Usage Policy from time to time. We will notify you if we make any significant change to this Content Usage Policy, by contacting you through the contact details you provided to us when signing up to our Platform and by publishing an updated version on our website.

For any questions, please contact us at:

Riparide Pty Ltd ABN 16 154 577 456

Email: hello@riparide

Last update: 13 April 2022

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