With much sadness and heartache, we want to acknowledge the devastation of the current fires raging throughout Australia. Countless lives and homes have been lost, half a billion animals have died and more than 12 million acres of our bushland has been burnt. For many Australians, this summer isn’t about fun adventures, it’s about loss and evacuation.

As a booking platform that supports small businesses in regional areas and encourages people to explore their backyard, the current bushfire crisis has left us feeling absolutely devastated for these communities. To show our support, Riparide will donate 100% of customer service fees for bookings made during January to the NSW Rural Fire Service and the Victorian Country Fire Authority. The more bookings our customers make this January, the more money we will donate.

How much is Riparide’s customer service fee?

The Riparide customer service fee is 10% of the total booking value. This 10% fee usually helps us pay wages and run our platform, but this month we’d like to see these fees go to a more worthy cause.

How do I know how much I have contributed?

When you make a booking, the breakdown of the total cost will display the service fee, which is the donation amount.

How will booking in January help?

We will donate the service fee for all bookings made in January, regardless of the date of travel.

Do all bookings made in January, need to be paid for upfront?

No, bookings only need to be paid for 3 months before the start date so you can book now for later in the year, and pay later. In these cases we will still donate the booking fee, even though you haven’t paid it yet.

Where is it safe to travel now?

There are lots of safe places to travel right now and hosts need your support. Our hosts will keep you informed of any situations which may affect your travel. Just be sure to download the VicEmergency app or NSW RFS Fires Near Me app to be aware of conditions before you travel.

Where’s the money going?

The money will be donated directly to the NSW Rural Fire Service and the Victorian Country Fire Authority. 

When will the money be donated?

We will announce the total value and will provide proof of the donation in early February.

What else can I do to help?

If you would like to make a monetary donation directly to a charity, use the links below.

To our local communities around Australia, please stay safe and take care of one another, and a huge thank you to all the firefighters and anyone else helping to keep people and wildlife alive.

From the Riparide team, we send our love and best wishes to everyone affected.

 – Marlon Law, Riparide Founder

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