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FAQs for Storytellers
FAQs for Storytellers

Key information about Riparide Stories for Storytellers

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General FAQs

What is a Riparide Story?

Riparide offers a curated collection of travel stories, written by real travellers. Each story comes packed with unique stays and adventure advice to inspire others to pursue fulfilling moments in nature. Check out some examples here.

How do you select Riparide Storytellers?

We’re looking for storytellers who embody the Riparide brand and can capture killer photos of our Riparide listings and their outdoor adventures, with accompanying words. A social media following is a bonus, but not essential, and you definitely don’t need to look like an Instagram model.

What is my Storyteller Assignment Availability Calendar?

Riparide Storytellers can let us know what dates they are available to go out on a story assignment by updating their Assignment Availability Calendar when they are logged in to their storyteller account. Assignments always run for two nights and you can let us know your availability for up to three months.

If you update your calendar, you are more likely to be prioritised for an assignment by our team, as knowing when you are free makes our job a lot easier!

Before the assignment

Can I choose where I go?

Part of the service our team provides to storytellers is getting to know you, your style and the sorts of places you'd like to stay. Once we've gotten to know you, we'll send you an assignment offer with a few choices of listings when we can, though this can be dependent on listing availability and seasonal requirements. If you ever see a listing you like the look of, don't hesitate to reach out to us on [email protected] so we can learn more about the types of Riparide escapes you'd like to experience.

How do assignment offers work?

You'll be sent an email by our team prompting you to either accept or decline the assignment. If you accept it, the offer will then transfer across to the host to accept or decline too.

Please note: your assignment is not booked in until you get a second email telling you that it has been confirmed. This only happens once the host has accepted the offer too!

Is there a brief provided?

Yep, this is the brief for shooting and creating your story, but the requirements are kept to a minimum. We firmly believe that it's important for you to enjoy creative freedom on your adventure.

What are the image requirements?

You should refer to the brief above for specific specs and deliverables, but the most important things to keep in mind are including your travel crew enjoying your stay in the images AND keeping the style light and bright, in line with the Riparide brand.

How will I be compensated?

You’ll get a free Riparide adventure, which is typically two nights of accommodation. Any additional compensation will be negotiated based on your experience and skill level and confirmed with you when you first sign up as a Riparide Storyteller.

Do I need to pay for the stay?

No, storytellers are not expected to pay for the two-night assignment stay.

What happens if I need to cancel a confirmed assignment?

We ask storytellers to make every effort to honour the commitment they have made to us by showing up to their assignment as agreed and representing our brand well, as we consider you an extension of our team.

We understand that emergencies and illnesses will occasionally get in the way, so if you do need to cancel your assignment, please contact the Storytelling Team directly (not the host of the listing) and we'll do our best to reschedule the dates for you, or find another storyteller to cover for you.

When you cancel an assignment at the last minute, Riparide is responsible for compensating the host as per their cancellation policy, so please try to avoid cancelling whenever you can.

During the Assignment

What camera equipment do I need to shoot a Riparide Story?

With every camera comes a unique point of view, and Riparide loves unique! Our brand is light and bright, so capturing that is the most important part of your story. To best capture this, we accept all professional DSLRs from our storytellers. Wider lenses are important, as we want to capture the property in full. Although phone technology is advancing, we don't accept any photos shot from phones or GoPro, as it doesn't hit the mark on quality.

Are there any specific stylistic requirements for my images?

Your style is important, so being able to merge that with the Riparide branding makes for a great creative collaboration. Riparide Stories are required to be light, bright and clear, showing the property in its fullest, while also showing the human element that is unique to your getaway. We do occasionally accept film photographers who show a strong ability to shoot clearly in difficult lighting (interiors and moody weather). The result is important, so if you show us you can meet that with your portfolio, we can look at a listing that suits your style.

Can I bring my friends/family/dog on my adventures?

Hell yes. Riparide adventures are not just about activities and nature, they’re also about human connection and experiences. And yes, we consider dogs to be human too – so long as the listing you are matched with is pet friendly!

If there are damages to the property during my assignment, will I have to cover those costs?

If you or one of your travel crew causes any damage to the Riparide listing, it will be your responsibility to compensate the host for repairs or replacements.

After the assignment

Where do I publish my story?

After you finish your assignment, you will receive an email with a link to where you should upload your story content. Once you follow that link, there are clear instructions that walk you through the uploading process for each element of your story, including the required specs for images and a word count.

How much time will I have to edit images and upload my story?

We expect you to have your final story uploaded within two weeks of your trip.

I lost my photos after the assignment due to broken/lost equipment, what should I do?

Sh*t happens sometimes, we get it! We trust our storytellers and consider you to be a part of our team, so the most important thing to do if something goes wrong with your photos is to reach out to the Storytelling Team and be honest with us. If you let us know what's going on, we can figure out the best way to communicate with the host and manage the situation to make sure everyone is looked after.

How and when do I invoice for my story?

Once you have uploaded your story assets, you will receive an email confirming that we have received it. This email will prompt you to send your invoice to us at [email protected].

What are the promotional requirements?

Your Riparide Story will be published on as a bookable experience. We would love it if you could help promote your story on your own social media channels. Please share the love and help inspire people to get outdoors!

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