The payment provider we use is Stripe. In certain countries (including Australia), Stripe is required to collect, verify, and maintain information on the individuals associated with a Stripe account. These requirements come from Stripe's regulators and financial partners and are intended to promote transparency and prevent individuals from using complex company structures to hide terrorist financing, money laundering, tax evasion, and other financial crimes.

In order to get you up and running and accepting bookings on Riparide faster, we wait until Stripe requests for the account to be verified before requiring you to provide a copy of your ID. Usually this happens when you've been paid out a couple of thousand dollars or more.

Identification File Requirements

  • A passport scan is preferred.
  • Driver’s license is also acceptable – please scan the front and back.
  • A photo taken with a mobile phone camera or webcam is acceptable as long as the document information is clear and legible.
  • Files need to be JPEGs or PNGs smaller than 5MB. We can’t verify PDFs.
  • Files should be in colour, be rotated with the image right-side up, and have all information clearly legible.
  • Make sure your image or scan is not cropped. The entire document needs to be visible. 

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